A neighborhood to bring us together.

The Bend Living Neighborhood Project represents a vision for building more inclusive, connected and regenerative neighborhoods. Currently, the project has not moved into the development stage due to a need for investment. At this point, in order to create a model neighborhood, we are in need of land. If you are a land owner interested in joining our team or have assets to contribute to the acquisition of land, please contact us directly. We are very interested in hearing from you.

There is no question that Bend is growing rapidly and the side effects are seriously testing its livability. Residents' views are divided. Some feverishly oppose change and fight the inevitability of growth. Others see possibility, believing that with active planning and collaborative approaches, Bend will continue to be desirable as the population increases. It will take committed citizens coming together with creative, open minds and a wide variety of expertise to make our City's districts and the neighborhoods more connected, safe and vibrant.

We are people who envision a solution that brings ideas and people together. One that revives the convivial, small town feel in our neighborhoods and communities. One that offers shared community spaces for residents to gather to share stories, a meal and common interests. The ideas here are not new, but well established ways of living that we must return to, fostering connection, respect and support for ourselves, our neighbors and the planet. Now is the time.


The vision

A picture is worth a thousand words.
Check out a site plan that illustrates our vision.


Ready to contribute to the project?
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Banner image: Silver Sage (Senior) & Wild Sage (Multigenerational) Cohousing within The Holiday Neighborhood in Boulder, CO, USA