The Resident Team

Casey Davis

A native Bendite, Casey grew up in a place where neighbors knew each other, kids floated from house to house and nature was the preferred playground. Raised by parents and surrounded by neighbors who were active, passionate and committed to making Bend great, she learned early that when everyone makes contributions to the greater community, everyone flourishes.

After college, sports and travel, Casey returned home to Bend in 2000. Her graphic design work for local real estate companies and environmental non-profits, travels abroad and parenting have informed and motivated this project: to find creative, inclusive solutions to Bend's housing issues as well as to build a livable neighborhood for her family. This project encapsulates her curiosities and passions for regenerative architecture and urban planning, collaboration, creativity and designing emotionally healthy places where people can thrive.

Casey, her husband, Spencer and their son have the extreme good fortune of residing at Higher Ground (currently Bend's only cohousing community) with active, passionate, community-engaged neighbors. She is an active citizen serving on the two of Bend's Citizen Advisory Committees: the Central Westside Citizen Advisory Committee (2016) and currently on the Citizen Transportation Advisory Committee. She volunteers for causes she's passionate about with gusto and frequency. If you live in Bend, you've probably seen her commuting via electric cargo bike with her son. It is their preferred mode of transit.


rose archer

Rose has been a resident of Bend for 14 years. She spent most of that time being a chef, cooking instructor and culinary director. Once she became a mom she shifted her focus to supporting our community. Rose was on the Family Access Network (FAN) board for 4 years and is in her second year of being a member of the Desert Sky Montessori Charter School board. Rose also volunteers with High Desert Food and Farm Alliance, Younity Foundation and Bend 2030. Her interest in making Bend and incredible place to live for all residents is what drives her. Rose is married to Dr. Stephen Archer, they have one adorable son.

Rose is currrently launching a new food-based business called True You. It is a series of instructional cooking videos targeted toward patients who have recently had bariatric surgery and are looking to change their relationship with food and learn tips and techniques on how to cook healthy meals to support their healing.


laura grayson

Laura first learned about living communities fifteen years ago after reading about cohousing communities in Europe. She then visited several communities in the U.S., which inspired her to head start one herself. She worked on educating people about the advantages of living communities via public slideshow presentations. The effort to start a new community in New Mexico was ultimately put on hold when an opportunity presented itself to live in a unique mountain neighborhood, completely off-the-grid. That experience taught her much about being a steward to the planet and reinforced her environmental inclinations.

Laura moved to Bend with her husband, Russ, and their two brilliant daughters in 2011. She continues to be involved in community activism and education, and is excited by the opportunity to push the play button, once again, on her dream of thriving in a living community.


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