The Conceptual Site Plan

visualizing what could be

This site plan represents what could be. It is a starting point and a way to express our intentions for the neighborhood. The shape of the land may be very different than what is seen here. The resident group that forms could desire different common spaces. This is simply an expression of how homes and open spaces might interact and demonstrates common characteristics of this type of intentionally designed neighborhood. Those traits include:

• A Community Center (Common House) located at the "head" of the neighborhood
• Roads and parking areas to the exterior of the property
• Homes densely configured to enable large common open spaces
• Absence of fencing (landscaping used as buffers)
• A Community Garden
• Pathways connecting homes to common spaces
• Shared Artist Studios/Workspaces
• Variety of Housing options
• Walk-Up Houses with detached garages
• Shared Bike & Gear Storage

This site plan integrates long-term affordable housing units. This creates a diverse socioeconomic resident group and provides housing for critical, contributing members of our community. It is part of our vision to create a mixed income, diverse neighborhood. We see these units as an asset to the community.