Support for Bend Living Neighborhood Project

"There has never been a more pressing need, nor more timely moment for creative housing solutions than now. Our community is poised and eager to support well-executed co-housing neighborhoods as one important response to our affordable housing crunch. Casey and her team have shaped a compelling vision for Bend. It’s a great example of living well in the 21st Century."

ruth williamson

ruth williamson consulting

"This project presents creative solutions to Bend's pressing problems in a way that brings people and ideas together. It is a model of inclusivity, collaboration, sustainability and connection well worth pursuing in a larger quest toward more intentional neighborhood design. At its core is the essence of community."

romy mortensen

VP Sales & Marketing
brooks resources

"In working with homeless populations in Bend, it is my belief, that if more people lived in a cohousing or intentionally-built communities, we would see less homelessness. As a long-time resident of a cohousing community, I've seen first hand how these neighborhoods create systems of support, connection and care that is authentic and remarkable."

gwenn wysling

Executive director,
bethlehem inn

"This project is an important piece of Bend's housing puzzle. It integrates so many of the issues that Bend is facing and proposes positive, attainable solutions in connected, regenerative ways."

Amy warren

kor community land trust

"We live in such a place of natural wonder and we must begin to build our communities in a way that respects the land we live on and the beauty that surrounds us. To build an entire neighborhood that serves as a model of truly connected living, both socially and environmentally, that acts as a laboratory for future solutions, is a project that's time has come."

Michael McLandress


"In my work, I travel to countries and villages all over the world. This I know and have witnessed in my travels: humans are hardwired for connection. We suffer when we lack communities and systems of support. This project shows us how to live in respectful connection with each other and the planet. It is a powerful example of our local community coming together to care for each other and our little corner of the earth. It creates a model for future generations to learn from and build upon."

amanda stuermer

world muse