This will be a community wide effort.

There are plenty of stories of people coming together to create neighborhoods similar to this project. Most stories include a committed resident group, development expertise, philanthropy, passion, time, energy and a stroke or two of luck along the way. How this project will come to be remains to be seen. It could be sparked by a land owner looking for an intentional, sustainable use for their property. It could be used as a laboratory for the City, building and environmental communities to test new systems on a small scale. There could be a single benefactor looking for an impactful project to finance. Members of the resident group may pool the financial resources to make it happen. The storyline remains to be written, but the possibilities are many.

However it comes to be, this much is clear: They will be driven by a common vision to create and contribute to something greater than themselves; something that has the potential to influence neighborhood design in a way that insulates our community from energy, income and market fluctuations. In the end, the process will help unlock collaborative, long-term solutions to Bend's most pressing housing and livability issues.

Traveler, there is no path, the path must be forged as you walk.